T20 Door Access System Package


  • T20 RFID Reader x 1
  • RFID Cards x 10
  • Emlock x 1
  • Push Button x 1
  • 2A Power Adapter x 1


  • Receiver
  • Remote Control
  • ​Touch Exit Button
  • +RM300 Upgrade To Face Recognition Door Access System


  • Touch Panel RFID and Password Door Access Control
  • Standalone Card Reader
  • Security operating mode
  • One-door access controller with touch button keypad
  • Supports 1000 Users
  • Aesthetic appearance and long service life
  • Touch Button Keypad for 1- door access control system.
  • Application of flexible and can be re- defined I/O interfaces. Such as: W26 interfaces can be defined as W26 standard output or input; relay can be directed to access control, bell

24 Feb 2022