BLUGUARD L9 Tone 9 Zone Wired Burglar Alarm System


BLUGUARD L9 Tone 9 Zone Wired Burglar Alarm System

Category: Alarm

  • 8 fully programmable onboard zones
  • 1 special onboard zone:
  • - Panic button
  • - Remote or keyswitch arm/disarm function with siren/strobe light indication
  • 8 user codes + 1 Duress code + 1 Installer code
  • Auto arm/disarm timers Permitting the arm/disarm function at the pre-set time
  • Monitoring of telephony line
  • Provide the warning upon the telephony line is being tampered
  • The system acts as a backup to SMS or call all pre-set numbers and report on your home’s status
  • Personal reporting with tone feedback (beep sound)
  • Double call feature to bypass fax/answering machine during call in
  • Auto ON HA points for zone alarm triggered
  • Adjustable zone response for sensitivity
  • Zone trip count feature to prevent false alarm
  • Keypad lock feature to prevent password guessing
  • Support up to 4 Keypads, 2HA modules (8 HA points) and 1 GSM module
  • Quick installation
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Compact miniature size
  • Highest degree of weather resistance
  • Compatible with most security system
  • Suitable for all types of building structure
  • Powerful sensitivity in detecting forces of attempted entry
  • Internal pulse plated in 24 CT gold with ISO 9002 certification
  • The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field.
  • Designed for use with alarm systems. Great for use in family and factory window, door. etc.
  • With double-sides tape design that for easily install.

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